Kari for cook county assessor

Peace. Love. Equity.

Hello, I am Kari Steele and I am running for Cook County Assessor. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will join me in fighting for a more transparent and equitable property tax system in Cook County.

Let’s not just talk about it, lets be about it!

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Elected November 6, 2012, Commissioner Kari K. Steele is currently serving her second six-year term at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago(MWRD). She currently serves as President of the MWRD. As President she oversees a billion dollar budget, maintained a AAA bond rating, and has reduced the reliance on property taxes through innovation and efficiency.

Prior to being chosen by Cook County voters, Commissioner Steele has more than 11 years experience as a chemist, working at both the Jardine Water Purification Plant (as a water chemist) and the MWRD (as a water sampler and lab technician). Her prior work history makes her uniquely qualified as the only chemist serving on the (current) nine member MWRD Board of the Commissioners.

Municipalities & Townships Served
Population Served
Average gallons of wastewater treated daily by MWRD

As Assessor, Kari will fight for a more equitable property tax system. Her vision for Cook County is one that balances relief for homeowners, stability for business, and creates a system that properly funds vital services for all Cook County residents.

Let’s be about it!



Her vision

Achieving equity.

As your Cook County Assessor, you have my commitment that I will fight for a property tax system that puts equity first. We need a property tax system that creates stability for businesses, relief for homeowners, and funds the necessary public services that Cook County residents deserve.




the quality of being fair and impartial.

“equity of treatment”

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